On Passwords

Date: 13th January 2021

The Problem

People do forget their passwords. This could lead to frustration.

Solution 1

The way God created everyone on earth is that they should forget what they are not frequently using. It is easily noticed that things we were taught in school are now forgotten unless they are in frequent use.

So the first solution is to always asks for the user’s password everytime he logs in. This makes the user not to forget his/her password. This is especially good for email sites (eg. Gmail).

Solution 2

Another method which could be used to tackle this password challenge is to not use passwords at all. The user would register with his email and then to log into a site he would be sent an email containing a One Time Password (OTP).

This is a very comfortable method, and not too expensive for small traffic sites since 1000 emails is priced in some sites for about 1 dollar. Though it can’t be used for email sites.